The Folk Song Detective

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The work of becoming a Folk Song Detective began after I saw the list below published for the first time. The list made the me think. It made me question how much I knew about my own song material and the historical context(s) from which  these songs and rhymes came. It was has been an important catalyst and I applaud Lauren McDougal's work to gather so much of this in a single location. I encourage you to check it our yourself:
Songs With Questionable Pasts - Compiled by Lauren McDougal

As I began to investigate for myself, I discovered a number of really fantastic resources available online. This work could never have been accomplished to quickly in the days prior to the internet and digitized libraries. The list below is a working collection of online collections, digital libraries and databases that have benefited my research.
Online Song Sources - a list of my favorite places to go for digital sources

The Links Below will take you to Google Docs that contain my personal research on the Song/Rhyme Titles listed: